Canada Day!

 Above: New friends Jenna and 3 month old Wyatt, with April and 15 month old McKay. 
Below: Stephanie and 18 month old Lily
 This is Alice (A-lease). She lives two doors down with her husband Charlie and son Kip. Her family comes over everyday and they just sit on the steps and hang out. We just love her!
July 1 was Canada Day 2012! I was excited to celebrate it this year and  invited some new found friends over for a treat and some sparklers. I had a little game of 'Name the Provinces' (sad to say Nick didn't do too hot at), some Canadian facts (like basketball was invited by a Canadian...look it up!), and even broke out Colette's Canada tutu that my dear friend Sarah from Surrey made for her! It was a fun time. Oh, and the large sparklers, well I got them for free from a Firework stand that blew over in a recent storm. The guy just gave them to me and said his insurance is covering everything. What a fun day...now on to the 4th of July.

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