July 4th

 Our July 4th started out with a little hometown parade. The RS president in our ward was in the parade, so she told us about it. And yes, it was a small town parade. Along the lines of Mapleton's parade, but with no LDS Ward floats. They threw candy and handed out water bottles and we found a spot in the shade, so we were very happy, and Colette loved seeing all the fun marching bands and animals! (and yes, Cole has discovered she has a nostril)

After the parade we went home for nap time. It was such a hot day, we all needed a holiday nap.  Then we got ready and went downtown. There were all sorts of fun stands up, a band was playing cover songs, and everyone was walking around enjoying the fun times. On our way home we grabbed some crab macaroni and cheese hot dogs (I know, right?!) And fried oreo's and put Colette down to bed.  When the fireworks were about to start we woke her up, made some Del's lemonade from RI and walked over to the park. Colette loved seeing the fireworks and being with all the people! She even rolled down the hill due to her excitement! Next year Washington D.C. here we come!!!

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