Sense of Humour

Nick has a funny sense of humour. Apparently when he was making Cole's bed, he thought Elmo might want to ride around the crib. Too cute. And for the past 20 minutes Colette has been feeding me Cheez-it's one at a time like I was a baby.



Just because I think he is the most handsome man ever; 
even though he would be completely humiliated that I posted this picture of him on here. 
(It is for his lab at NIDA. The teacher is giving a conference at the national convention and he shows pictures of each member in his lab.)
My handsome/hard working/dedicated/loving man :)

Baltimore Zoo

My little buddy turn ONE YEAR OLD! It seems so fast when it's your own child turning one, but when you are a babysitter, and that child turns one, it seems SO fast! He didn't know how to crawl when we first became friends; now my little buddy has taken his first steps! So Becky and I decided to venture into the rain and take them both to the zoo for his birthday. Not too sure if the kiddo's had much fun because of the rain and being locked into their seats, but it's the thought that counts. We tried! Colette loved the petting zoo part, and seeing the monkey's, which one of them tried to share their biscuit with me! Really cute. And the giraffe above is trying to catch the rain on his tongue. There was NO ONE at the zoo so we pretty much could do anything we wanted. That was really nice.

We Enjoyed Intercourse

Pennsylvania, that is :) Yes, there is a town called Intercourse, PA and right next to it are some other less than kosher town names as well. However, we didn't go there for the namesake of the town, but it's where a lot of Amish people live and we wanted to go eat their delicious food, see their beautiful horses, etc.. So over Labour day weekend we drove two hours through beautiful fields and small towns. It rained the whole way there (and back) but not while we were walking around! It was a fun time and a great reminder that we live so close to cool little outings like this. We really need to see them all before we leave the East coast.

 She LOVED this cow! Walked right up to it and knew exactly what to do. She even pulled that little stool closer so she could sit and milk her. Grandpa Wright would be so proud of her

 Amish tobacco fields
 Kids riding their scooters home from school. And their home is pretty darn nice!

 There was a store called Jams and Relishes and you could try EVERYTHING and then decorate a homemade gingerbread man! It was a cute idea for them to have.
After kettle corn, sweet potato fries, oranges, strawberry jam & banana peanut butter & peach jam & grape jelly & honey on bread, a gingerbread man, and chocolate covered pretzels she was at a point where she was willing to share.It was a holiday :)


Baltimore Grand Prix

 (notice the street sign? it's the baltimore accent. hehe just kidding)
 My birthday present to my brother Steve. He said he would pay the shipping.

So the Baltimore Grand Prix is going on this weekend. I didn't know anything about it, but friends told us it was really fun so we thought it would be fun to go and see it from the free public viewing area.  Then my friend Becky said their friend was racing in it!!! (apparently he does it for fun with all his extra money. His family invented Noxema before they sold it to L'Oreal or Covergirl or whatever. Crazy, huh?) They had extra tickets and took us along! We were in the Marriott suite where we were served anything we wanted!! A/C, front row viewing, last corner before the finish line..etc. It was so awesome! Nick and I kept saying we felt fancy, and they were laughing at that. Becky's brother-in-law brought ear phones for the kiddo's, so Colette had big yellow ear muffs on the whole time. But strangely I didn't get any pictures of how cute she was in those.

Makes me smile

 These are just some fun pictures that make me smile! Colette's hair is so curly lately, and I LOVE IT! Sometimes I scrunch it trying to make it curlier :) Below is a picture from when we visited Providence. Cole just hung out in her diaper, and I love her little bum and legs in diapers! So cute. That is her first friend ever, Penny Frenny. And Miss Penny's older brother Lucas told his parents that he is going to marry Colette because she has the same colour hair. So funny! He started kindergarten so I think his eyes are going to wander to other little blonde ladies...

 I bought hair elastics for her hair because I wanted to make the impossible happen- and I did! I got a tiny, micro, mini, pig tail! So fun.  Below is a photo-op with August, (our little buddy I babysit) and Colette. They have so much fun together! I love watching him grow and seeing their interactions. Colette is started to understand sharing, so that makes me happy!
 And August has six little teeth now!

6'4" put to good use

Nick joined a city league beach volleyball team. Since he doesn't have his second third love in surfing, or flexibility with work to be injured due to skateboarding, he has decided that volleyball is great! Every Thursday he meets with his team to play the tournament, and on Saturdays they practice. One of the best teams told him about the winter league, so he probably will be joining that as well. One of my favourite things about Nick is his love of being active!