We Enjoyed Intercourse

Pennsylvania, that is :) Yes, there is a town called Intercourse, PA and right next to it are some other less than kosher town names as well. However, we didn't go there for the namesake of the town, but it's where a lot of Amish people live and we wanted to go eat their delicious food, see their beautiful horses, etc.. So over Labour day weekend we drove two hours through beautiful fields and small towns. It rained the whole way there (and back) but not while we were walking around! It was a fun time and a great reminder that we live so close to cool little outings like this. We really need to see them all before we leave the East coast.

 She LOVED this cow! Walked right up to it and knew exactly what to do. She even pulled that little stool closer so she could sit and milk her. Grandpa Wright would be so proud of her

 Amish tobacco fields
 Kids riding their scooters home from school. And their home is pretty darn nice!

 There was a store called Jams and Relishes and you could try EVERYTHING and then decorate a homemade gingerbread man! It was a cute idea for them to have.
After kettle corn, sweet potato fries, oranges, strawberry jam & banana peanut butter & peach jam & grape jelly & honey on bread, a gingerbread man, and chocolate covered pretzels she was at a point where she was willing to share.It was a holiday :)


  1. So glad Intercourse was all you were expecting and more...

  2. Interesting title.. I was a little nervous to scroll down.

  3. I've heard of the town before, but I didn't know it was where the Amish lived! Too funny:) We really need to visit you guys before you leave the east.