Baltimore Grand Prix

 (notice the street sign? it's the baltimore accent. hehe just kidding)
 My birthday present to my brother Steve. He said he would pay the shipping.

So the Baltimore Grand Prix is going on this weekend. I didn't know anything about it, but friends told us it was really fun so we thought it would be fun to go and see it from the free public viewing area.  Then my friend Becky said their friend was racing in it!!! (apparently he does it for fun with all his extra money. His family invented Noxema before they sold it to L'Oreal or Covergirl or whatever. Crazy, huh?) They had extra tickets and took us along! We were in the Marriott suite where we were served anything we wanted!! A/C, front row viewing, last corner before the finish line..etc. It was so awesome! Nick and I kept saying we felt fancy, and they were laughing at that. Becky's brother-in-law brought ear phones for the kiddo's, so Colette had big yellow ear muffs on the whole time. But strangely I didn't get any pictures of how cute she was in those.


  1. This looks like fun! I wish we could have seen it! So I just stopped being lazy and finally added you guys to our blog! :)

    1. HEY! So I need to add you, but yours is private...so I guess i'll have to patiently wait to be good enough friends with you until I'm invited :)