Makes me smile

 These are just some fun pictures that make me smile! Colette's hair is so curly lately, and I LOVE IT! Sometimes I scrunch it trying to make it curlier :) Below is a picture from when we visited Providence. Cole just hung out in her diaper, and I love her little bum and legs in diapers! So cute. That is her first friend ever, Penny Frenny. And Miss Penny's older brother Lucas told his parents that he is going to marry Colette because she has the same colour hair. So funny! He started kindergarten so I think his eyes are going to wander to other little blonde ladies...

 I bought hair elastics for her hair because I wanted to make the impossible happen- and I did! I got a tiny, micro, mini, pig tail! So fun.  Below is a photo-op with August, (our little buddy I babysit) and Colette. They have so much fun together! I love watching him grow and seeing their interactions. Colette is started to understand sharing, so that makes me happy!
 And August has six little teeth now!

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