According to my blackberry...

Well I don't have a fancy iphone (seems like I'm the only person left on the planet) so I don't have instagram or a nice camera phone. But what I do have are lots of random and fun pictures of Colette and life over these few months. Enjoy!
In Providence. Picnic in the park. Three little boys, ages 4-6, saw her and decided she would be more fun to play with than their basketball.  So for 1/2 hour they would hold her hand and walk her around, and try to give her hugs. It was pretty sweet.
She went through a phase where she loved to sleep with the blanket over her face (just like her daddy)
Here is Colette with her last 'trick' in Providence. She could see the mini marshmallows so she would climb up to the top shelf to get them. Pretty amazing for 11-12 months...
One of my April Fools jokes I played on Nick. A little blue food colouring in the middle of his toothbrush. He didn't even notice! Second April's Fools trick I played was when I asked him to bring me a glass of Kool-Aid in the fridge. When he tried to pour it, it didn't pour. It was Jello! The brief second where he shook the pitcher to try and get it out was the best!
She has learned to get her own treats...(see previous and future post)
 At our new house. This this shrub is the latest member of our family! Hopefully I can keep it alive in this 100 degree weather.
 She fell and split her lip and the little thing that connects your lip to your gums...? It bled threw two t-shirts of mine! And she barely cried over the pain. Only wanted to snuggle.
 Cutie patootie
 Colette and August (the little boy I babysit) trying to share. It's a learning process for both of these 'only' children.
 And again, Colette tries to get her own snack.
 She LOVES to put socks on her hands and underwear on her head, and any sort of string item over her shoulder as a purse. I have a girly girl on my hands I believe.
 She loves ranch...she must have been born in Utah :)
 Any takers on Ranch lotion?
 Picnic day again with these precious two. This was a nightmare time! Cole just wanted to run around in the park...sometimes TOO far, and August just wanted to get into Cole's food. I was sweating trying to keep up with these two curious critters. I'll wait until they both are a little older before we go again.
 Trying to play catch with our week long cat, Van Gough.
 My most favourite little girl ever!


  1. She is so cute! I miss you guys!!!

  2. Missing you three and especially this little one.