Found Cat...

This is Van Gough (which we nicknamed him due to his ear). He was meowing outside our house on a VERY hot 101 degree day, so I let him in to cool down. He turned out to be a very nice cat and stayed with us for 1 week. During this week I posted a FOUND CAT ad on Craigslist, and put up posters around the park hoping someone would call, but knowing that I would have to take him to the SPCA. I didn't want to do that because he was great with Colette, litter box trained, very clean and well groomed...but I am not wanting a pet right now so there was no way he could stay with us. 
So today I got an email from a lady saying it was her cat and his name was Sylvester! She stopped by our house, called his name, and he came running into her arms! He has been missing for over 1 MONTH!!! Isn't that crazy? I would have given up, but she didn't. Anyways, he was our pet for 1 week and I'm glad he is with his owner.

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