Port Discovery

 This week I have not been babysitting, so Colette and I took the time to go to the children's museum here in Baltimore. She played soccer with the other kids, dug through stones to find some bones, walked through a 'pond' with some fishies, played in a sandbox, splashed in water just her height, and mommy and her were able to stand together in the large soap bubble we made together!  We had a great time running around, playing with Mr. Potato head dolls, tumbling on the mats, and playing with pretend food in the diner. It was a really fun children's museum! But it would have been more fun for her if she was two years older. There was an arts and crafts room where she could have played with paint and art supplies, and a three story jungle gym (!) and other things that older kids love, but she just didn't understand them. We had a very fun time though, as you can see.

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