Parents Come for a Visit

The week after we moved to Baltimore, my parents flew to D.C. for a conference my dad had to attend. They always like to see where their kids are living, so this was a good excuse. So on Saturday Nick, Cole and I headed to D.C. to walk around with my mom.  We went to several museums, including the new Holocaust museum (which luckily Colette slept through the whole thing), and then met up with my dad for dinner before heading back to Baltimore. It was a really fun day with PERFECT weather!
After the conference was over, they took a train up to see us, which was fun for them, and we showed them around Baltimore. We walked our neighborhood, went to the Aquarium, ate at a Diner's, Dive, and Drive-in place for crab cakes, visited Fort McHenry to learn all about the War of 1812 and see where the Star Spangled Banner was written, and the flag was hung, then finished off the trip with a great meal at Steamers. It is a crab house where they pour Maryland Blue crab on the table and you get your hands dirty and dig in! That was a really fun time because it wasn't just dinner, but an activity. haha
I'm so glad that they could make it out here to see us! I really miss my family, and I hope they all can come and visit some time.

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