Providence in 9 pictures...

We are officially livng in Baltimore, but I thought a recap on our previous life would be in order. So here we are - Providence in nine pictures. Why nine you ask? Because nine months is how long we lived there!

#1  Our humble abode on Sparrow Street, in Smith Hill. Scared to live there the first couple of days, but grew to feel safe and loved it. (and for $700 month who wouldn't learn to suffer through a laundry mat, no ac and no dishwasher)

#2  Open the gates and seize the day! These are the gates at Brown. Brown is the University where Nick spent 12+ hours each day. He spent that long there so he can do well in school, which he did do earning in the "A" category. My little smarty pants... I guess one of us had to be.

#3   Apple picking with Colette. She loved to suck on the apples! This was a really fun day. I miss those days where she was just happy looking around. Now she loves to touch and grab everything; even if it's dirty and not safe.

#4  For Christmas Nick got winter surf gear. He had to use it as much as he could before we moved away from good surf. So, here he is in 50 degree weather, enjoying the third love of his life, and not even catching a cold! I need a passion like this...

#5  Colette on Christmas. She was more interested in the ribbons and ornaments on the tree, than what was in the presents, but hey, you've got to start the excitement somewhere. We stayed in Providence for Christmas with just the three of us. It is going to be one of my favourite memories for many years. We had the best time!

#6   A Rhode Island original, Duck Pin Bowling. It is bowling with little balls, and little pins, AND it's hard to find a regular bowling alley. This is a local favourite. Hard though to keep Colette's curious little fingers off all the bowling balls...Even typing that grosses me out. I must have gone through a box of wipes that day.

#7  These are a few of my favourite things...or people :) Just some of the great friends we made in RI. This is us after running a 'kim made' 5k. I say Kim made, because if an actual organization organized it, then we wouldn't have run across one mile of boulders...It was a fun time nonetheless. I miss these ladies.

#8  Colette turn one! 365 days old. I can't believe how fast time flies. This little firecracker keeps me on my toes. Six teeth, walking, and gives hi-fives. Just a regular little lady.

#9  All our stuff packed up ready to be moved to the moving truck. Sad day...exhausting day...weather behaved day...and exciting day! PS nothing broke during the move. Yipee

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