Our last days in Rhode Island

During the last month in Rhode Island we were busy. We had a lot of buying house paperwork, Nick finishing his comprehensive exams (aka comps), and packing up the house. But we did manage to get in a lot of time with our friends before we left. This is what we did...
Kaitie and I went to Boston for the day. Cole was just perfect all day. So we took advantage and went to Buffalo Exchange and made $20 between the two of us. (jealous), then we went to Urban Outfitters, H&M, and finished the day off at Mike's Pastry shop. We rallied up our dimes, nickels, and pennies to enjoy some tasty cannoli's. It was a fun day!
 Another day, seven of us girls went to Newport to run a 5k. I previously posted about this, but it was really fun! Kaitie forgot her keys though so we 'attempted' to hitch hike back to our cars, but quickly realized our courage was that of the lion in the Wizard of Oz. So a nice Newport city librarian gave us a ride when she overheard us talking. We finished the day with lunch and a perfect cupcake that I'm still thinking about. (but not missing any freeway exits thinking about...Leah)
 AND THEN, another day we went to the beach. It was beautiful, we got a little sunburn (except Cole) and I realized that I don't like sand so much with a one year old. Especially when she was trying to run and fell face first in soft sand, which was all over her face and eyelashes. Poor thing had a perfect and rough day.
 Lastly (of the pictures because we did lots of other fun things that I just didn't take a picture of) our friends the Resch's hosted a great going away party. And the girls did separate from the boys because let's me honest, talking about Real Housewives, breastfeeding, food, and clothing is way more fun than whatever they talked about. :)
There you have it in a nutshell. Our last days of Rhode Island. I really miss it there, but I'm not counting Baltimore out. I know I am going to have a great time here too!


  1. Miss you guys! Baltimore is really lucky!

  2. So glad you are up again. I can't wait to see your new adventures. I could take a page from you playbook on the positive upbeat look forward to your new life -vs- the boo hooing over leaving the old one behind. I'm going to work on that.