Moving Day

Ahhh, I had to take a picture of our dish drying rack because I was beginning to detest this thing. I was so excited to throw it away and Nick said, are you sure we won't need it? I said, YES! I WILL MAKE SURE WE WILL NEVER NEED IT! And then below are all our boxes packed up and ready to be moved into the moving van. Which Nick and I did together again. Not that I wanted to because we had friends offering, but it was a Thursday and they were all at work and Nick didn't want to wait until 5:00. He motivated me to help him out...or a little bribe... :) So we did it together. OH my friend Melissa was an angel for watching Colette while we did it. That would have been very hard if she was there!
 Good bye Providence!
And here is us moving into our new place. Our new bishop and a missionary came and helped us load everything in.  It only took 30 minutes! I guess we don't have a lot of stuff, but still...That was fast. And as you can see, I am very excited about our new dishwasher :) (not to be left out washer and dryer, ice maker, and garbage disposal. You really value the little things when you have lived without them for so long. Keeps me low maintenance. hehe)


  1. I Love you new house! We miss you all! I hope you all have a great time in Charm City!

  2. I can't wait to come visit you guys someday! I love your kitchen!

  3. ooh your new place looks nice! A dishwasher really makes life better. And I love ice machines too, not that they are necessary haha. I like your red pants too.

    1. You are ALL welcome to come and stay with us whenever you want! I would love company. And yes, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen...with a big glass of ice cold water :)