Long time no blog...

Ok, I haven't blogged in a long time. Why? Because I was busy and didn't have time to/didn't really want to because I didn't think anyone read the blog so my effort was wasted. Well here I am back. For good? Not sure. But I'll give it my best effort! Here is what has been going on for February and March. If you follow me on Instagram (kimkedwards) then you might have seen some of these photo's, but if not, then here are some fun pictures of what we have been up to.
I cut bangs.
I joined a knitting group and learned to knit.
We bought a new car. Honda Pilot. It seats 8, but we don't plan on filling them.

Lots and lots of play time.
Turned out I hated the colours I chose for the stripes. So I repainted.

My bangs started to grow out and I started to hate them. (Nick was right)
My knitting skills are not that great. Maybe I'll try crochet...?
Our good friends the Resch family came to visit us from Rhode Island!
So that is some of what happened in February and March. Tomorrow I'll blog April and May...


  1. Good to see what's going on with you guys.

  2. I'm not good at commenting but I read it all the time.

  3. Hooray for your return to the blogging world! And hooray for a new car. It's great to have more space, even if you don't fill it up. If you change the date on your posts it's like you were never behind;)