April and May happenings...

We went to the B&O Railroad museum. You know, like in the game Monopoly.

Colette and I threw a little garden party for her friends. We planted a flower then had lunch. Look at these cute little cupcakes I made!

I turned 30! For my birthday Colette and I went to the Baltimore Zoo. It was a super fun day filled with all the little nonsense things the zoo has to offer!
Colette's little flower from the garden party died, despite my best efforts.
They had their first popsicle!
For my birthday I got a new bike and a seat and helmet for Colette. We love going on rides together in the evening.
Colette turned 2!!
Birthday gift for Colette that Nick and I made!
Funny faces with mom.
Nick had a presentation at Brown to give, so we all drove up to Rhode Island to visit. We drove past our old apartment rental.
Colette and Penny. Friends since day one.
Colette had the best time with her closest little friends! She just loves these kids so much.

Went to the Patterson Park Yard Sale. Nick picked up these beauty. A Barbie skateboard.
Woke up one morning and decided to go to the Washington, D.C. zoo. It was a fast trip, but we had a great time. (followed by Sprinkles of course)
One of my San Diego roommates, Allison, moved out here with her little family. Here is Colette playing with Anna.
Wasting time at Target with Lily and her mom.
Another birthday shot. At the zoo for my birthday.

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