Rhody Visit

Last weekend we headed up to Providence to see friends, go to the beach, and attend Max and Amanda's wedding. I did bring my camera, but I didn't snap a single photo! I can't believe it..But thanks to Facebook I could steal friends photo's they posted. The beach day was perfect, with great weather, and perfect water. Nick even got to surf! Then we had a perfect game night with our favourite 'gamers' the Resch family :), and on Saturday we headed up to Boston for a wedding where Nick and I tried our first OYSTER! I covered mine in hot sauce so I didn't even taste a thing! My dad would be proud; oyster and hot sauce!

While there we also go to attend Ms. Penny's 2nd birthday party, and 5 year old Lucas informed his parents that he is going to marry Colette. He loved pushing her around on a little bike! (5 year old flirting) It was a very fun weekend, and we miss RI so much!

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