Orioles Game!

 This past weekend we were invited by some new friends, Chris and Julie, to the Orioles game at Camden Yard! We were very excited to see the stadium, watch a game, be part of the fun... We even had our hot dog and peanuts!

 Then, due to weather, the game was delayed. Oh, that's fine, the atmosphere of the game is fun too! So we hung out and chatted and waited...

 And waited some more...Then it started raining. We didn't mind that because our seats were under an overhang.
 But there were a few people fighting the rains down below.

 Then it REALLY started to downpour, thunder, and lighting. As you see, there was one lonely little soul sitting down by the field; not giving up hope for the game to start. But after a delay of 2 hours we decided to give up, and Julie could get money back for her tickets.

We still had a great time getting out and being part of the atmosphere and luckily I wore by orange sandals because 99% of people there were in orange! Go Orioles!


  1. That kind of looks like the guy from Storage Wars (?) in the third picture! Glad you got out to have fun! Lame that it rained.

  2. love your lipstick! Oh, and the game looks like a good time too!