Halloween Week!

 I saw Halloween week because there has been happenings all week long. First we started off with a pumpkin craft of shaving cream & glue to make puffy paint. They had a blast! (and I had a blast cleaning up)

 Then on Thursday we went to the Weber's Family pumpkin patch where I was interviewed and put on the evening news! Saturday was a big festival in Patterson Park, so we headed over there. Nick put Colette in a costume contest and he says she won, but they called her the wrong name, so a different ladybug went up. We will never know if she actually did win... ;)
 That night was the Lantern parade. It is where people make paper/plastic/whatever lanterns with lights and parade around the park. It was really cool to see at night!
 Below...three ladies dancing in the parade that make me LOVE Baltimore!

 AND THEN on Monday was Hurricane Sandy. Colette and I headed outside to play in the rain before it got too windy...Good thing Grandma Kaye sent her a raincoat! We were soaked when we headed back in (after 5 minutes).
 That night we carved pumpkins! Colette was very into digging in the pumpkin guts, but she was scared of Nick's pumpkin!

 And finally, Halloween night. Dispite what her face is showing, she LOOOVES her costume! (she has demanded to wear it all day today). We took her to a couple houses and she was confused at first, but got the hang of it. She really just liked walking around with us and see all the other kids in their costumes.

 All her spoils from a hard night's work.
And this is still lingering around...I've tried everything to get her to stop. Nicely, threatening, mocking, band-aids on fingers...nothing is working so I guess she'll just have to out grow it or be made fun of from peers until it stops. Good thing she is just so cute!


  1. This is like a super post. So much fun stuff

  2. ah she is soo cute in her costume!!