We went to the animal fair...

Two weeks ago was the free day at the Baltimore Zoo! So I met up with some friends to walk around.  It was a perfect day (unlike the rainy mess when Becky and I went) so we got to see a lot of the animals out and about.
 For $2 you could feed the giraffe, so we definately had to do that together! Colette was nervous, so I held her hand out with the leaves and she was giggling when the giraffe came over. It was too cute!

 We saw monkeys, penguins, and elephants. We roared like the lions, pet and brushed the goats, and then were ready to head home. It was a long, full day.

 Above is my friend Jenna and I riding the tram back to our cars, and Colette was sooo pooped from the full day she immediately fell asleep in the car. My favourite part was the giraffe (of course) but I also love showing Colette all the animals from her books in real life!

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